JoomlaJoomla is a powerful open source content management software platform that is used to compose websites and web applications. It is among the leading in its class with growing support from thousands of website developers. The platform is versatile, free and easy to use, making it possible for novices as well as advanced web masters to develop highly functional websites. Joomla allows for the integration of extensions and scripts to simplify functions and tasks. These extensions are created by freelance developers and established organizations, to make web tasks far more efficient and less time consuming. There are many Joomla extension, but there are some that are almost crucial for creating a successful website. Here are the top 12 Joomla Extensions not listed in any particular order.

1. K2 – This is an article system extension for Joomla. It has a very user-friendly interface and makes content creation even easier and more flexible. It allows for easy management of modules, offering drag and drop components, better template options and over 150 extensions specifically designed for the K2 interface.

2. Virtuemall – This extension features a shopping interface similar to osCommerce. Though it has its complexities, it is simply one of the best for an efficient all-round, automated online store.

3. Better Preview – Better preview is a true-to-life, real-time content viewer. It allows you to preview your content before publishing it.

4. ChronoForms – This is a feature rich extension for the creation of website forms and applications. It is very flexible and allows for the integration of third-party APIs.

5. JComments – JComments is a useful extension, allowing your visitors to make comments about your blog or products. It has anti-spam functions, allows for the addition of third party extensions and gives you full control of comments.

6. Akeeba Backup – The worst thing that can happen to a fully developed website is losing all your work and information for various reasons. Akeeba Backup makes it easy for you to back up your work as you go along, saving time and money that lost content could cost.

7. Joomla Content Editor JCE Editor – Having a similar interface to that of Microsoft Office, JCE Editor allows users to easily write, edit, decorate content as well as add special features like images and video.

8. Advanced Module Manager – This extension allow you to easily edit modules and place modules on any page of your choice. Its easy to use and features a drag and drop interface.

9. XMAP – XMAP is used to create sitemaps for search engine crawlers. This tool can be configured to operate manually or automatically. You can make tweaks for which pages you want to be crawled and frequency.

10. Latestweets – Great extension for adding Twitter tweets to your website. You can choose to add tweets from selected twitter members and even display your own latest tweets.

11. Widgetkit – If you are looking for a more unique but easy way of presenting website content, then this is a great extension for you. It is filled with exciting dynamic features like galleries, slideshows, maps, lightbox and much more. It is sure to enhance and liven up the appearance of any website.

12. Tabs – This extension allow you to create beautiful tabs with many styling options, fully customizable through CSS. You can set tabs to slide, hover, fade and scroll with customizable speeds and features.