Joomla is a powerful open source content management software platform that is used to compose websites and web applications. It is among the leading in its class with growing support from thousands of website developers.

"The platform is versatile, free and easy to use, making it possible for novices as well as advanced web masters to develop highly functional websites" Jennifer - ( link)

Joomla allows for the integration of extensions and scripts to simplify functions and tasks. These extensions are created by freelance developers and established organizations, to make web tasks far more efficient and less time consuming. There are many Joomla extension, but there are some that are almost crucial for creating a successful website. Here are the top 12 Joomla Extensions not listed in any particular order. continue reading…

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WordpressWordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform on the web. When setting up a WordPress site, the following plugins are necessary for security and success.

WP Super Cache
Pages generated by WordPress are dynamic and can use a lot of server resources when loading, especially with heavy plugin use. WP Super Cache serves static versions of PHP pages, speeding up a site considerably.

This plugin protects a site by blocking comment spam. It will also cut down on moderation time and reduce the site’s overhead.

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ChromeGoogle’s lightning-fast web browser Google Chrome is quickly gaining market share among tech-savvy internet users everywhere. In fact, its basic, aesthetically pleasing design and fantastic functionality give it a reputation as one of the best browsers out there right now. Additionally, Google Chrome offers a multitude of add-ons to its users. These little extensions help users tweak and perfect their online experience. Below are a few of the best Google Chrome add-ons available.

1. FastestChrome

This little add-on streamlines internet browsing by pre-loading “next pages” and allowing users to preview links just by scrolling over them. As the add-on’s name implies, there really is no faster way to use the internet. “Power users” and internet addicts alike use FastestChrome to get all the information they need in the most efficient way possible. continue reading…

FirefoxAs a web browser, Mozilla Firefox is renowned for its massive collection of “add-ons”, which are downloadable extensions that allow users to customize and enhance their web experience. To date, there are thousands of free and paid add-ons available. To help you sort the best from the rest, here are a few of the most popular and highly rated Firefox add-ons around.

1. AdBlockPlus

For many, surfing the internet can be a pretty obnoxious experience – especially with the onslaught of ads they are confronted with each time they hop online. AdBlockPlus blocks almost all those annoying pop-ups, banner ads, and self-playing videos with ease. No add-on offers a better ad-free experience than this one.
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AntivirusThe top 5 antivirus brands of 2011 excel at keeping your computer working like new against the onslaught of spyware, adware, and virsues the internet has to throw at it. Though no antivirus is one hundred percent foolproof, these five fight off malware most effectively while avoiding the disruptions that other antivirus programs can sometimes cause.

1. Avira Antivirus

This all-around antivirus suite runs quietly and efficiently in the background, notifying users only when it needs an update. Its “Luke Filewalker” virus scanner keeps the malware at bay. continue reading…